On doing one thing at a time, not just doing one thing.
Can I Live?
A book of cautionary tales
What happens when we finish this project?
This is an old post from a Toronto startup person David, http://davidcrow.ca/ read the top one quickly. I’ll screencap too: The twitter thread…
Why you shouldn’t take that tech job, or YOLO on $PLTR weeklies.
The first snowfall this morning was beautiful. My first memory flashback was Simone, who used to bring me an XL french vanilla from Tims on his way to…
A look at the latest TDSB and Ontario government re-opening announcements.
On the Hubble Telescope effect & the elasticity of time.
Don't 🚫 Explain yourself.
Are you moving through time, or is time moving through you?
The latest on return-to-school from the TDSB & Ontario Ministry of Education as of August 26th.