Winter in 2003

The first snowfall this morning was beautiful. My first memory flashback was Simone, who used to bring me an XL french vanilla from Tims on his way to school (he worked the morning shift).

Grade 8

Stepping back a couple of years to grade 8, I have two memories: Mr. Sanscousy at the end of the year telling me “a tiger never changes it’s stripes”- in response to me telling him how I’m excited to work harder in high school.

The second memory is a real defining one. I applied to Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) for Visual Arts. The interview was intense, and I got in and registered. I also got accepted into Cawthra Park S.S. in Mississauga, which also had a regional arts program. My dad knew the teachers there and the interview seemed like a formality. It was insisted that I attended Cawthra.


I mostly failed through high-school and formally received a letter removing me from the regional arts program for “not applying myself”. One missed assignment gives you a ZERO and brings your B+ down to a 55% average.

It was confusing for everyone when I still showed up in OAC regardless. My classmates would look at my report card shocked; this was an invite only school aside from the locals, and these art majors sharpened their pencils every morning.

By OAC my scheduled look like this:

  • 1st period spare

  • second period class; I didn’t take Grade 10 gym, and tried to get out but failed Kinese in grade 12, so here I was in brutal OAC gym.

  • 3rd period spare

  • 4th period lunch

  • 5th period class

I applied myself just enough for a 73% average across 6 credits to make it to University.

Queue winter memories

In the winter the only ones outside all day are the kids that hang out in the back, the vice principles that come out to chat, and the police that harassed us. I floated a lot, and I was outside 90% of the time.

I opened up my portfolio to find this photography project. I can’t remember her name. We spent winter hanging out during photography class and spares. I do remember she preferred long slim menthols & that hanging out with her was the best.

Endless winters, and rest in peace to all the family & people in my life that haven’t made it this far with us.