What happens when we finish this project?

Between the ages of .. 3 and 5, I moved about 3 times. In Toronto, by 18, I lived in Rexdale, Islington & Bloor, Lakeshore co-ops, Sr. building with bebe, brownsline, 16th street, and albion & highway 50 for a bit.

That’s 10 moves in 18 years. Or about a move every 1.8 years.

I often see people post about how happy they are to start a new career / job / role. I once spoke with the then CEO of Bitmaker Labs about the future of education. I was interested in creating a roundtable of innovation-driven education.

He wasn’t having it. Though he pointed at the condo above the Bitmaker Labs building, and said, “I live there now… I’m married to Bitmaker Labs”. About a little over a year later he moved on to work at Ritual instead.

I see this a lot as part of career development. Between 2010 and 2013, I must have had 4 different roles (Security Compass, Tucows, Shopcaster, TWG). The latter 3 lasting 6 months each, before I started my own thing.

I was having a conversation with my partner this morning about a new project, and they said, “when this is done, will we feel the same way about it?”

As in, will it just become work? After the exciting and tiring dramatic startup glamour, it just becomes work, you know. Like a job.

The thing that keeps it exciting (for me) is that next thing. And not the next deal. After 4, 5, 8 deals, the next deal isn’t enough. It’s that next-next thing.

Whether it’s impact, or bigger, badder, stronger. Some Daft Punk remixed into Kanye West. A change about every 1.8 years.