Time Travel & Dance Dance Revolution

Are you moving through time, or is time moving through you?

Are you moving through time? or is time moving through you?

If you stand still and let time pass through you, reacting to each day or week that comes, you’re letting time pass through you. Even if you plan your months and year in advance.

You can still just be waiting there, ready for it— like playing a game of Dance Dance Revolution. You’re prepared and ready to hit every single arrow. It’s like playing Tetris with the blocks of your life to make sure you clear lines and the blocks don’t all add up.

Playing through time like a game of Dance Dance Revolution.

Dance Dance Revolution is a game where you have to move your feet according to the arrows on the screen. It’s like tetris, and everytime the arrow gets to the bottom of the screen, you have to place your feet in the right place.

Here is what the screen looks like...
You playing Dance Dance Revolution looks like this...
& with everything life throws at you, sometimes it could feel like this...


  • you have a big audience

  • you’re the best at this game!

  • look at those feet move, you’re killing it!

  • so accurate too! so many points!

  • don’t make a mistake! careful for that perfect streak!

& at the end of the day, it can feel like this...

Moving your self through time instead

Close your eyes (I know I know…) and imagine yourself moving, gliding through time. You see your past, and your past you. You see your present self, too. If you glide forward a little, you see your future self.

It’s really hard for me to do without feeling like I’m just “planning”. It’s not that. It’s getting my spirit out of my body. Letting go of the laws of physics to see myself across time on the outside.

I move back and forth, gliding through time like skating on the rings of Saturn, taking notes, making adjustments here and there for my future self, adjusting my beliefs and changing my frame of reference.

If I weigh the gravity of important things now, relative to my future, I’ll still probably (maybe) need to do those things. I have responsibilities… though they may not feel as grave. And I’ll pause the game, I’ll dance through life, not a square board in an arcade machine built by someone else.

Taking a different approach

It doesn’t mean I abdicate my responsibilities, I just try approach them from a higher plane, looking at them from a 4th dimension.

While moving through the rings of space-time I see people I know, and strangers. They’re all playing Dance Dance Revolution, time orbiting through them, stuck in place, in their present, while time passes through them.

I stop and say Hi— they reply under laboured breaths.

“hey MJ! we’re… great! how’s it going? Of.. course.. just.. busy, you know?! Yeah.. this game.. it’s.. intense! Anyways, got to… get back to it! Later MJ!”

They’re concentrating on the next big thing happening right now, feet moving quickly, hitting the high score, justifying their urgency. I float away, sometimes passing by other 4th dimension travellers.

While this is all great in theory, I still have to step through my reality and deal with all of these things.

Knowing everything was, is, and will be, and taking power away from the day-to-day of work, politics and the expectations of others helps prevent each step through time from having an impact on my self.

It’s hard not to worry in the face of the unknown future. It’s inevitable, natural and determined. It’s hard not to be scared, to not over anticipate. It’s hard to not create dozens of scenarios to play out in my mind.

I usually only do that from my present, and I feel it’s an experiment to understand my flow through space-time instead of trying to predict and control events of the future, or analyzing the past to justify my present.

In the movie Interstellar, they explain being on some planets so-close to the black hole will make time move slower on those planets, were each hour equals 7 earth years— or— by the time we finish the game of dance dance revolution, and get that high score, our kids will have aged 7 years, our bodies are different, the world would have changed (just look at 2020)— we’ll wake up from our game of DDR in a different future.

OR, instead of playing Dance Dance Revolution, just Dance, Dance, Dance…