How are you reconciling your reality?

This might be a tough read. Helpful ending.

While getting ready the other morning the stats from the pandemic lingered in my mind. Nearly 30,000 people have passed in Canada over 1 year. I’m not sure we’ve collectively or individually reconciled it. Maybe some of us have. We’ll have a collective day of remembrance soon. And a decade of retrospect.

We see graphs and data. Numbers. We rarely see images or see the stories as front and centre. It’s not humanized. It’s been about rights, and freedoms. 30,000 people is a lot, and it feels like we’re in an early stage of reconciling that reality and it’s impact on life.

That’s a pause button.

A little bit ago, Haaretz published 67 Palestinian children killed in Gaza last week. I’m not sure how many more lives it will take.

Pause button #2

Nintendo is releasing a new Switch Pro model.

Then reading news a quick reminder of where we are, when remains from 215 children are found at a BC residential school. I’ve been reading stories from Canada’s history of genocide for a little bit. This example though is a super reality.

Pause button #3
In the meantime, the $SPY is at an all time high ($420 a share, literally), and GameStop broke $250 again.

You can’t make this up.

I was listening to Pusha T’s brother talk about why he stopped making the negative kind of music he was making after becoming a Born Again Christian.

He was reconciling the reality of his music with its impact on the communities he cares about

What is the reality that we reconcile around us, and what we dedicate our time to? What’s my goal and impact? I can’t save the children there, I don’t know what to do about the genocide, I should invest my thesis’ and pray more to God like the example of Pusha’s brother. I’m typing this listening to Push, though. Yeuch.

De-fragging Hard Drives

I’m old enough to have had a 14.4k modem, and listened to AM 640 and 680 CFTR when they were playing top 10 at 10. While I was probably 10 years old.

The computers we used got a little bit choppy after a while, just like your computer after about a year it might feel clunkier, so we used to run “defrag” to clean up all of the data-blocks on the computer.

This would put these data-block in the right order, erase irrelevant data, and make the computers memory nice and tidy again.

Reconciling reality

We defrag the computer every few months or 6 months and formatted the computer every couple of years. With all of the content I’m consuming, and the realities around us I think it’s time for a personal defrag.

Not just to understand what happened and retrospect, but to become whole again with a clear memory. Grounded and part of a solution.