Some Cold Hard Truths.

A book of cautionary tales

I’m so excited to write this out into existence. So-far we have a trimmed down table of contents of 9 chapters.

I feel these should all be real stories. And the source material is rich. I’ll take the recommendation and add a subtitle to each one, to give an insight on the story? I’ll try to be creative and share.

I wrote a preface too! (I forgot, this was on Feb 2nd). I’ve typed it out here. It’s super short. I feel it should reflect each chapter: super short and direct.

Working preface:

This book is titled Some Cold Hard Truths. It’s about the game of entrepreneurship. I value the exceptions to the rules, and this is meant for new and repeat entrepreneurs to remind & guide you. I don’t have a stake in you beyond your purchasing (or reading) this book. Each chapter is an honest & direct conversation to serve as a cautionary tale for the decisions you make in your entrepreneurial journey.

I edited it a bit. I’m afraid & have been warned on the tone of my approach. For example, the ending was “every decision you make”— and it was toned down a little bit to be “the decisions you make”. I’ll take my editors’ advice and stick to their notes

On that note, this post is open for comments & readers notes (I don’t mind)!