What does it mean to walk through invisible hate?

What does it mean to walk through invisible hate? Hate you know exists that does not show itself until it stings you?

Living with the anxiety & fear that hateful hearts and racism are invisibly hurting you everyday…

Knowing this hate can escalate in a flash is nauseating. Seeing it happening is nauseating.

I wish we didn't find solidarity in the hate we get.

Sometimes it's us, sometimes it's you. The trauma is different but it's hard not to feel the unease.

From a 70-year old Asian women fighting off an attacker, to 8 Asian Americans murdered in Atlanta. Many of the victims woman.

May they rest in peace & their families find strength.

Soon C. Park, 74
Hyun J. Grant, 51
Suncha Kim, 69
Yong A. Yue, 63
Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33
Paul Andre Michels, 54
Xiaojie Tan, 49
Daoyou Feng, 44

Then we have to walk out the door to face the world.

I don't want to face my world alone, and I don't want you to feel we're not here with you either.

Take care.