3 things I learned throughout Year 36

In starting a list, only 3 things were worth writing.

I want to keep this list & post as brief & impactful as possible. It’s for me. And it’s for you too. Here are 3 things I learned throughout year 36.

  1. My life surges through the blood in my veins, she keeps and holds my pulse & that life force is strong. Rejecting this stops life. There isn’t anyone or anything else that can give me the strength to live or a desire to change the world for us.

  2. My past was completed long ago and my future will die with me if it isn’t carried through my futures. My futures give me the will to live— and when that will is weak my futures gives me the responsibility to have that will.

  3. God is great. Today’s details are way too specific. While I do have a responsibility to today, it’s laughable to assume an illusion of control. It’s written & I must live through the most high to navigate the writing.

Everything else is tedious. And holds so little value if not in the service of 3, 2, and 1.

Bless you.